Accelerating Pakcoy Seedling Time with Seedling House Technology


  • Artdhita Fajar Pratiwi Politeknik Negeri Cilacap
  • Sari Widya Utami Politeknik Negeri Cilacap



Nursery, Pakcoy, Seedlings, Seedling House, Artificial Light


Pakcoy is one of the vegetable plants that is easy to cultivate and is the choice of farmers. Various cultivation methods have also been developed, but cultivation on ordinary agricultural land is still the choice of farmers who have land. This is because it has become their expertise and is also hereditary. However, the high demand for limited pakcoy seed has led many farmers to buy seeds from outside the region or try to cultivate themselves. However, the seeds produced in the traditional way are still not superior. Therefore, it takes a long time to get a lot of seeds. To answer these problems, in this research, a seedling house with artificial light technology and automatic watering was made. In addition, this seedling house is also covered with paranet to avoid the entry of pests/diseases. The regulated artificial light comes from Grow light LEDs with an intensity of 50 µmol/m2/. This artificial light is set in such a way that the pakcoy seedlings will be illuminated for 16 hours. Meanwhile, the automatic watering is set to water every 6 hours. Based on the test results, the pakcoy nursery process using this seedling house technology is faster than the traditional nursery process or other methods without artificial light, namely plant seeds can be transplanted at the age of 8 days


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Author Biography

Sari Widya Utami, Politeknik Negeri Cilacap